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Uncover Potential With Stainless Steel Hose

Stainless steel hoses are widely used in various areas of application due to their favourable characteristic. Besides being more durable to heat and weather as compared to Teflon and rubber hoses, stainless steel hoses provide unlimited possibilities. Outside of standard products, such as screw and flange joints, discover more applications with stainless steel hoses. These hoses can withstand harsh conditions, from extremely low to extremely high temperatures, and from vacuum to intense high-pressure atmospheres. Because of these traits, stainless steel hoses can be used in any machinery and product that require a robust and resilient material

Marine classification typeapproved hoses are available upon request.

List of Applications For A Stainless Steel Hose

  1. Automotive and General Industry.
  2. Absorption of Heat Contraction and Elongation.
  3. For Air Conditioning and Sanitation.
  4. Harm around Oil Tank from Earthquake.
  5. Isolation of Vibration from Machine and Fire-extinguishing Pump.
  6. Protection of Electric Cable.
  7. Petrochemical Industry.
  8. Runway of Airport.
  9. Uneven Sinking of land.

Increase Flexibility With Teflon/Silicone Hose

The chemical compatibility of Teflon, combined with its other physical characteristics, make it the ideal engineered plastic for use in hose applications. A Teflon hose can perform under high pressure and continuous flexing and vibration conditions. It is the universal hose known to be chemically resistant and inert.

Hoses made of Teflon or silicone can typically withstand temperatures from -100°F to 500°F under most operating conditions in Singapore. They are also non-stick and provide low friction, and are resistant to deterioration and moisture.

List of Applications For A Teflon/Silicone Hose

  1. Automotive and General Industry.
  2. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
  3. Food Processing.
  4. Glass Manufacturing.
  5. HighTemperature Hydraulic/Air Applications.
  6. Pharmaceutical Industry.
  7. Pulp & Paper Processing.
  8. Steam Lines/Tire Presses.
  9. Sewerage and Sanitary Systems.

Rubber Hose

The rubber hose is used for general applications in industrial, agricultural and construction sites. They are designed and manufactured to function as chemical hoses, acid hoses, petroleum hoses, vapour hoses, etc., to meet the requirements of the products they convey. They are normally available in a variety of sizes and lengths. End fitting configurations are also available too.

List of Applications For A Rubber Hose

  1. Automotive and General Industry.
  2. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
  3. Food Processing.
  4. Sewerage and Sanitary Systems.

 Gauging What Hoses You Need

Have specific functions for your business operations but unsure of which types of hoses are right for the job? Perhaps you need a set of hose fittings for your operational needs. Speak to our specialists today for more information. You can also try customised solutions or have a look at our comprehensive list of products at Pharmchem Engineering.