Dry Disconnect Couplings & Breakaway Couplings in Singapore

Dry disconnect couplings and breakaway couplings are specially designed to help you quickly handle chemical liquid and gas transfers in a safe manner. No matter the circumstance, safety should always be prioritised. With a simple twist on the lever, you may instantly shut off the hose line during fluid transfer between units at any time. With these breakaway couplings and dry disconnect couplings, you can boost labour efficiency, prevent seepages, and decrease manual runs to the source of the flow.

What Are Dry Disconnect Couplings & Breakaway Couplings

Dry Disconnect Couplings

Dry disconnect couplings are often utilised to create and break connections in a gas or liquid transfer system when the product being transferred has to be kept contained. Typically, these hazardous and expensive products are costly to dispose of, reprocess, or clean up. The couplings’ self-sealing design ensures both the greatest degree of safety and the quickest as well as spill-free method of connecting and disconnecting. A wide array of common caustic and specialty acids, as well as producers of ink, agricultural, chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, liquid soaps, and fatty acids use dry disconnect couplings in Singapore.

Reduce chemical clean-ups in the workplace to a bare minimum with no spills, saving you and your team some money and time. Additionally, reduce the environmental effect of your operation by safely transporting potentially hazardous chemical gases and liquids. Essentially, dry disconnect couplings in Singapore provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for the environmentally-friendly, safe, and economical transfer of bulk powder, gases, and liquids.

Benefits of using dry disconnect couplings:

  • Reduces the amount of spillages to virtually zero.
  • Improves both fugitive and operational emission performance significantly.
  • Reduces the likelihood of human error during transfer processes.
  • Increases efficiency as there is no need to drain pipe systems or hoses.
  • An unrivaled blend of performance, safety, and technical features.
  • Safe and easy to handle as the valve is unable to open until the unit is coupled.

Breakaway Couplings

Breakaway couplings are specifically designed with the sole purpose of providing maximum safety when transporting hazardous goods such as gases, petrochemicals, solvents, acids, LPG, and other toxic liquids.

With minimal restriction or pressure decrease in the easy-flow interior, this breakaway coupling protects against possible catastrophic damage linked to pull-away/drive incidents. Additionally, break­away couplings in Singapore are used to safeguard terminal and loading and unloading equip­ment, and eliminate unintended product releases. The break­away couplings feature a pre­de­fined breaking threshold at which the internal valves will automatically shut flow on both sides. Essentially, the usage of breakaway couplings decreases downtime while also saving equipment, the environment, and money.

List of Applications For Dry Disconnect Couplings & Breakaway Couplings

There are various industries that utilise dry disconnect couplings and breakaway couplings in Singapore for their business. Some of these industries include:

    1. Petrochemical Industry: Designed to transport oils and other chemicals.
    2. Pharmaceutical Industry: Developed to fit hoses carrying steam for sterilisation and disinfection.
    3. Marine and Shipping Industry: Intended to prevent accidental equipment damage and spillage aboard ships while loading and unloading hazardous liquids.
    4. Food Processing & Beverage (F&B) Industry: Eliminates any spilling of residual liquid in the line once it is disconnected.
    5. General and Automotive Industries: Manufactured for use as refuelling systems for road tank vehicles, rail tank cars, and more.
    6. Aviation Industry: Designed to be used in aviation refuelling systems.

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