Reliable Expansion Joint Supplier in Singapore

Pharmchem Engineering supplies stainless steel, rubber and fabric expansion joints to customers worldwide. Armed with a decade of experience, we deliver with expertise to the global industrial engineering sector. Our products are 100% tested before leaving the factory, ensuring you a quality experience always.

Stainless Steel Expansion Joint

Stainless steel expansion joints are commonly used in many industrial and commercial applications in Singapore and globally to solve pipe motion problems. They are designed to alleviate piping stress, noise and vibration. These also permit axial compression, elongation, lateral and angular movement. 

Approved models of various marine classification types are available upon request.

List of Applications:

  1. Cryogenic.
  2. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
  3. Diesel Exhaust.
  4. Food Processing.
  5. Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation.
  6. Pulp & Paper Processing.
  7. Power Generation.

Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber expansion joints are suitable for all types of industrial applications, piping systems and sanitary applications. It has an excellent ability to isolate sound and vibration and is easy to be installed on piping due to its soft and flexible material. 

Approved models of various marine classification types are available upon request.

List of Applications:

  1. Automotive and General Industry.
  2. Off-Shore Marine.
  3. Power Generation Plants.
  4. Petrochemical Industry.
  5. Sewerage and Sanitary Systems.
  6. Waste Disposal Plants.

Fabric Expansion Joint

Our high-grade fabric expansion joints are best for gaseous media, such as air, exhaust gases or solvent fumes, and abrasive exhaust gases. The optimised temperature for its operation is below the dew point with a percentage of acids. Fabric expansion joints are always manufactured without asbestos and commonly used to compensate for axial, angular and lateral expansion in pipelines. They can be supplied in any geometric shape as well as in any dimension required.

List of Applications:

  1. Coal, Oil And Gas Fired Power Stations.
  2. Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant.
  3. Nuclear Power Stations.
  4. Refuse Incinerators.
  5. Refineries.
  6. Chemical Plant.
  7. Cement And Lime Works.
  8. Steel Works.
  9. Industrial Furnaces.
  10. Painting And Drying Plant.
  11. Dust Collector And Filter Plant.
  12. Ventilation Plant.
  13. Shipbuilding

In addition to our expansion joints, our catalogue of industrial equipment also includes pipe pigging equipmentanti-vibration mounts and stainless steel sanitary fittings. You can also discuss with us your requirements and we can provide a customised solution for you.

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