High-Performance Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti vibration mounts or rubber mounting components are specially designed to reduce machine-produced emissions of noise and vibrations. These anti vibration rubber mounts provide excellent shock resistance capabilities, offer insulation against out of balance forces, and reduce the transmission of vibration at the same time.

Impact of vibrations

Any piece of equipment or component that vibrates poses a risk. These are some examples:

  • Noise pollution
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Discomfort to operator
  • Reduced lifespan of a machine
  • Damage to floors and machine parts

Thus, it is critical to put in place effective safety measures in order to minimise workplace accidents, mishaps, or delays caused by vibration transmissions.

Made purely from rubber, or a combination of rubber and other materials, the anti vibration mounts are fastened to machines to absorb vibrational energy to significantly reduce impact. A good quality rubber mounting is key – such as ours at Pharmchem Engineering. We have the best quality anti vibration mounts in Singapore in stock at competitive prices that are ready to ship to you right away. Our anti vibration mounts in Singapore are made with premium materials paired with high standards to help your equipment last longer. We have various options to decrease noise, shock, and vibration whether you require a replacement mount or a bespoke solution for a specific application. Should you need help sizing a mount, we are here to assist you.

At Pharmchem Engineering, we provide sophisticated solutions to customers in Singapore and around the world. Our products are 100% tested to specifications before leaving the factory – whether it be with rubber vibration mounts in Singapore or other industrial equipment, you can rest assured of our expertise to meet your every need.

List of Applications For Anti Vibration Mounts 

Our rubber vibration mounts in Singapore, which act as shock absorbers, allow motors and machinery to run more efficiently and quietly. Below is a list of common mount applications:

  1. Bushings
  2. Hydraulic Pumps
  3. Mobile Applications
  4. End-of-Stroke Buffers
  5. Mounts for Heavy Loads
  6. Rubber Blocks and Mats
  7. Levelling Machine Mounts
  8. Engines, Generators, Compressor Pumps

Approved models of various marine classification types are available upon request.

Trust Pharmchem Engineering For Top-Quality Service

If you are unable to find the precise product you require, Pharmchem Engineering offers customisation services to meet your individual application requirements. Seeking custom anti vibration mounts? We guarantee you the best product possible by combining our knowledge with your specifications to create and deliver on time.

Backed by a decade of quality experience, Pharmchem Engineering is consistently striving to set new standards of excellence in the world of industrial engineering supply. Pharmchem’s team of specialists collaborates to meet the growing global business demand across a wide range of industrial fields.

In addition to anti vibration rubber mounts, we provide a broad spectrum of industrial equipment to organisations in Singapore and the rest of the world, such as stainless steel sanitary fittings, expansion joints, and pipe pigging equipment. Should you have specific requirements, we are equipped with the ideal customised solutions upon request.

Reach out to us today for more information regarding our industrial equipment supply.