Top-Quality Pipe Pigging Equipment

Pigging is the act of propulsion of a mobile plug pig through a pipe to perform specific activities inside the said pipe. As such, a complete variety of pipe pigging equipment such as solid cast pigs, foam pigs, and other related items are developed to cater to the needs of any pigging operation and application.

PharmChem recognises that every business’ pipelines are important assets that must be cared for using high-quality pigging equipment at all times to maintain pipeline flow assurance, pipeline maintenance, and pipeline integrity.

While various proprietary pig products are available to meet the needs of most pipeline applications, there are times when traditional solutions are just proving inefficient for the job or are simply unable to operate effectively. This might be owing to severe pipeline debris issues, undetected pipeline abnormalities, or even a variety of pipeline characteristics such as long distance pipelines and dual diameter pipelines. As a result, it is even more critical to work with a supplier with years of expertise in developing and supplying high-quality pigging equipment.

At Pharmchem Engineering, our pipe pigging equipment is built to accommodate a plethora of pipeline shapes and sizes. They can be conveyed through the internal pipe system the same way as gases and liquids. The pigging procedure occurs without disrupting daily operations, enabling efficient and effective pipe maintenance. Pharmchem Engineering’s sophisticated solutions have helped companies improve their pipe maintenance operations, freeing up money and time for other important business aspects.

Before departing from the factory, our solid cast pigs, foam pigs, as well as the rest of our pipe pigging equipment in Singapore are 100 per cent rigorously tested, ensuring the quality and efficacy of our goods. Whether you are in Singapore or anywhere across the globe, you can rely on our expertise to meet your needs.

List of Applications For Pipe Pigging Equipment 

  1. Sweeping liquids from pipelines.
  2. Removing condensate (gas pipelines).
  3. Removing incrustations and deposits.
  4. Repairing, measurement, and control.
  5. Filling/emptying of a pipeline by a plug flow.
  6. Inspection, detecting and observation, cleaning.
  7. Separation of products pumped one after the other in the same pipeline.

Top-Quality Service With Pharmchem Engineering

Here at Pharmchem Engineering, our decade-long experience is a testament to the new levels of excellence we consistently attain in the world of industrial engineering supply. We endeavour to address the global business demand for pipeline pigging equipment across a wide range of industrial fields. We use our expertise to design and configure equipment to fulfil unique pipeline needs. In addition, we have the capacity to handle most pigging difficulties utilising specially designed and custom produced equipment employing an innovative method.

Apart from our pipeline pigging equipment, we specialise in various industrial equipment for businesses in Singapore, like stainless steel sanitary fittings, expansion joints, and hose fittings. Additionally, we offer customised solutions to meet your every business need on request.

For a quote on our pipe pigging equipment in Singapore or more information on other various products, do not hesitate to reach out to us.