Top-Quality Pipe Pigging Equipment

Pigging is the propulsion through a pipe of a mobile plug pig which can execute certain activities inside the pipe. Thus, a wide range of comprehensive products such as foam pigs, solid cast pigs and other related products are designed to cater for any pigging application and operation.

Our pigging equipment is designed to seamlessly fit a range of pipeline sizes and shapes. They can be carried through the internal pipe system, following the path of liquids and gases. The pigging process takes place without interrupting any daily operations, ensuring effective and efficient maintenance of pipes. At Pharmchem Engineering, our sophisticated solutions have enabled customers to enhance their pipe maintenance processes, saving time and money for other aspects of the business that matter. 

Our foam pigs, solid cast pigs and various pipe pigging equipment are 100% tested before leaving the factory, guaranteeing quality and effectiveness of our products. Whether you are in Singapore or elsewhere, rest assured of our expertise to deliver as per your requirements.

List of Applications For Pipe Pigging Equipment 

  1. Sweeping liquids from pipelines.
  2. Removing incrustations and deposits.
  3. Removing condensate (gas pipelines).
  4. Filling/emptying of a pipeline by a plug flow.
  5. Separation of products pumped one after the other in the same pipeline.
  6. Inspection, detecting and observation, cleaning.
  7. Repairing, Measurement and control.

Top-Quality Service With Pharmchem Engineering

Our decade of experience is a testament to the new standards of excellence we continuously achieve in the world of industrial engineering supply. We work towards addressing the global business demand for pipeline pigging across various industrial fields. 

Further to our pigging equipment, we also specialise in a range of industrial equipment to businesses in Singapore, such as hose fittingsexpansion joints and stainless steel sanitary fittings. We also provide customised solutions upon request.

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