Why Testing Is Key To Efficient Pipeline Pigging Procedures

Why Testing Is Key To Efficient Pipeline Pigging Procedures

Pipeline maintenance continues to steadily improve and evolve thanks to the many advancements in new technologies and techniques for inspecting and maintaining pipelines. One such groundbreaking technique that is growing in popularity is pipeline pig testing, a proactive approach that tests maintenance plans and pig designs on replica pipelines first to refine them prior to cleaning the actual pipeline. Apart from significantly mitigating costly errors, there are several more advantages that make pipeline pig testing an indispensable part of the pipeline maintenance process.


1. Gain valuable insights through precise inspections

Pipeline pig testing lends a substantial increase in precision and efficiency to maintenance plans by first sending a pig device that inspects and evaluates reconstructed pipeline structures before the actual deployment. These specialised pigs feature state-of-the-art sensors and technologies and can gather an incredible amount of data as they navigate through these replica pipelines, such as potential obstacles that may be encountered during the actual maintenance procedure.

Thus, it is easy to see how pipeline pig testing can provide a much higher level of accuracy and precision compared to the traditional way of relying on visual assessments and estimations. By empowering maintenance teams with data and real-time information from a replica, they can make more informed decisions on what to improve on with their current plans and determine the suitability of their pigging devices.


2. Ensure better cost-effectiveness and seamless operations

Pipeline maintenance generally requires shutting down the target pipeline, which can lead to financial losses should the downtime go for longer than expected. Pipeline pig testing can prevent this and even minimise the need for a total shutdown. With the data it provides on how certain pig designs, like foam pigs, will perform within the target pipeline, maintenance teams can pivot their efforts precisely where they are needed the most, reducing inspection and maintenance time.

This approach is what can eliminate the need for shutdowns since teams can more proactively address potential issues before they occur, ultimately leading to increased productivity and cost savings as pipelines can operate for longer periods of time and maximise revenue potential.


3. Improved safety and environmental sustainability

By leveraging technology and real-time monitoring of replicated parameters, pipeline pig testing plays a key role in mitigating risks and protecting the surrounding ecosystems of pipelines. It allows maintenance teams to detect any deviations or anomalies as they take place and effectively plan how to deal with them. On top of that, providing early detection capabilities allows for swift intervention to prevent incidents that could pose a risk to both personnel and the environment.

Lastly, pipeline pig testing helps with an organisation’s sustainability efforts by reducing the need for intervention-based maintenance activities like excavation. Thus, pig testing’s non-intrusive nature allows for detailed assessments without requiring operators to disturb the environment surrounding the target pipeline.



In this digital age where data-based decision-making has become prevalent in virtually every industry, pipeline pig testing is truly revolutionising how we maintain pipelines with its unparalleled advantages. From optimising maintenance plans to reducing downtimes, it completely changes how organisations approach their pipeline maintenance regimen for the better.

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