Understanding Rubber Vibration Mounts: Why Are They Used?

Understanding Rubber Vibration Mounts: Why Are They Used?

Industrial areas and facilities, including construction sites, are typically full of noise due to the various loud equipment placed therein and the different noise-producing processes performed on these sites. To solve or lessen the problem of noise pollution in these industrial sites, companies are increasingly investing in equipment or machines that come with vibration mounts. Read on to learn what vibration mounts are and why rubber is the most favoured material used as vibration absorbers!


What are vibration mounts?

Vibration mounts are components that are attached to a machine for the purpose of eliminating noise and vibration. Essentially, what happens here is that the vibration from the machine is transferred to the supporting structure and travels huge distances to be released as noise elsewhere in a building or facility. This is mainly because vibration mounts have excellent vibration dampening or shock absorption properties.

Vibration mounts are becoming more and more widely used these days due to the protection that they bring. Equipment and machinery subjected to noise, vibrations, and shocks can be severely damaged, affecting their efficiency, safety, and lifespan. An increased risk of damage can usually result in more frequent repairs or replacements and increased operating or maintenance costs. Hence, many companies and individuals are now realising the importance of vibration mounts.


Why is rubber used as vibration mounts?

Vibration mounts are usually made of rubber or a combination of rubber with other materials. This is because rubber is considered one of the best materials for absorbing vibration. Compared to other materials, rubber has a relatively high shear modulus. This means that when a rubber material is stressed side by side with its cross-section (also known as shear stressed), the rubber can be stressed more prior to becoming permanently deformed.

To put it differently, when you apply the stress that comes from vibration to rubber materials, the rubber vibration mounts are able to absorb greater vibratory stress prior to breakage or the transfer of vibration. Ultimately, rubber vibration mounts are quite effective in preventing the transfer of damaging vibrations that machines produce.


Why do custom rubber vibration mounts perform better? 

Custom compound mixing can enhance the natural properties of rubber, such as elasticity, hardness, as well as strain and stress resistance. When the rubber polymers are compounded with additives and special fillers and custom moulded by engineers with decades of experience, the outcome product is superior performance and longevity at substantial cost savings. Essentially, with custom compounding, many components can be instilled, such as chemical resistance, oil resistance, swell resistance, and more.



Overall, rubber vibration mounts are used by many industries because of their numerous benefits, the most important of which is their ability to eliminate or reduce noise pollution and vibrations. By using machines equipped with rubber vibration mounts, companies can make their industrial sites and facilities a lot safer and more efficient.

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