Sanitary Hoses: Best Practices To Prolong Service Life

Sanitary Hoses: Best Practices To Prolong Service Life

Sanitary hoses like Teflon hoses are essential in maintaining proper cleanliness and hygiene standards in certain applications such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, sanitary systems, and more. Therefore, it is vital that they can withstand heavy usage for long periods, but this is often not the case as most products do not survive as long as operators would like; hence the need for frequent restocks. Some of the most common reasons for the premature failure of these hoses include operator misuse, misapplications, excessive cleaning, pressure spikes, and elevated temperatures. Thankfully, there are ways to extend the service life of sanitary hoses, starting with a proper selection process and appropriate handling.


It all starts with choosing the right hose

Choosing the right hose for your purposes is the best way to ensure their longevity, as most sanitary hoses are not made the same way. One way to select the correct hose is via the S.T.A.M.P.E.D. analysis process. In addition, make sure the chosen hose is also rated at a much higher working pressure than the application’s fluid pressure. While this may seem obvious, it is nonetheless an important reminder to have that additional leeway to fully eliminate the possibility of failure from inadequate flow ratings from the pulsation and pressurisation of the given application.

Besides having the correct pressure rating, selecting the proper hose material is also vital. Inner tubing, coating materials, and reinforcement weaving contribute to a sanitary hose’s longevity. For hoses that frequently get disconnected and reconnected, operators will want something more ruggedly constructed. Similarly, special considerations will be necessary for sanitary hoses in sanitising filling machines and other dynamic applications.


Proper handling ensures a longer service life

Apart from maintenance, extending a sanitary hose’s service life involves proper handling during usage. The following best practices help to achieve this:

  • Ensure there is no over-torquing of the hose during installation, and use a swivel connection where possible.
  • Place the hoses on a flat, single plane to prevent axial twisting and premature fatigue.
  • Refrain from compressing or stretching the hose during installation, as it could result in overpressurised situations upon usage.
  • Avoid using extreme bends, as exceeding the rated bend radius can cause kinks in the hose and, ultimately, premature failure.
  • Keep hoses off the ground as they may be vulnerable to all kinds of hazards, from chemical spills to equipment traffic.


Three tips for achieving better hose longevity

Besides choosing the right hose for your application and proper usage, operators should also have a hose management plan in place and ideally include the following steps below to further extend a sanitary hose’s lifespan.

1. Create an auditing process that inspects all sanitary hoses and maintains their inventory. Inspection should cover each hose’s current condition, application, durability, and suitability.

2. Deploy a tracking system that uses a hose’s serial number for quick identification of underperforming hoses as well as problems in the facility’s sanitation areas.

3. Provide sufficient training on how to properly connect and use sanitary hoses. Before usage, operators should also know the appropriate ways of storing and installing the hoses.



It is not uncommon to frequently replace sanitary hoses due to the quick deterioration of their performance and efficiency. To ensure frequent restocks no longer become necessary, take heed of the best practices discussed above to improve your hose’s service life.

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