Long-Lasting Sanitary Pipe Fittings and Valves

Sanitary fittings and valves for pipes or hoses provide quick and secure sanitary tubing attachments with control in various industrial applications for e.g. beverages, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics industry, and for biotechnology and sewage treatment. 

Our products are made from the best quality of stainless steel (corrosion-resistant  & durable), which are available in SUS 304, SUS 304L, SUS 316 & SUS 316L. They are easy to clean and made to last.

Lower The Need For Parts Renewals

Maintenance is easier now that your sanitary fittings have higher durability. Changing out valves and fittings for fresh ones can occur at a reduced rate, and it’s no longer necessary for you to continually upkeep these components in your pipes and hoses.

High Levels of Sanitation Based on Industry Standards

Sanitary fittings and valves here at Pharmchem Engineering have a low roughness average that prevents possible risks of microscopic contamination and build-up within the pipes and hoses of your machinery.  

All our products strictly conform to the specification of 3A sanitary standards. In case your business requires more than the basic grade, we also offer a comprehensive range of sanitary fittings in various manufacturing standards – SMS, IDF, DIN etc.

Our Guarantee To You

Components will undergo a 100% rigorous assessment before they reach you. Parts like the stainless steel sanitary pipe fittings and valves are tested for strength and sealing quality, so you know you’re receiving reliable parts in just a single transaction. 

List of Applications For Sanitary Pipe Fittings and Valves

  1. Food & Beverage Industry.
  2. Automotive and General Industry.
  3. Petrochemical Industry.
  4. Pharmaceutical Industry.
  5. Health & Beauty Industry.

Fully Equip Your Machinery with Essential Parts Today

Browse the extensive list of components on Pharmchem Engineering for your industrial business needs. We also provide other equipment such as anti-vibration mounts and dry disconnect couplings. If you have special requirements, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to look into customised designs for you.